How can companies in the us food industry better manage their costs to remain competitive and profitable in a challenging market environment?

When operating costs skyrocket faster than plant and equipment costs, a focus strategy can be successful if the company focuses on groups of buyers. Comprehensive personalization helps ensure that customer preferences, such as food allergies, are taken into account at every meal and that dietary recommendations are more accurate. Rappi, based in Bogot√° (Colombia), is an example of a multivertical delivery application that combines food delivery with other orders (through services such as RappiFavor or RappiCash), while Uber Eats and DoorDash have begun to explore the possibility of stacking orders as part of their food offerings. Southland Corporation saw its costs of new 7-Eleven fast food stores increase due to the explosion of the industry.

The USDA also announced earlier this year the Relief Grant Program for Agricultural and Food Workers, which will provide support to food production and processing workers who faced challenges during the pandemic.

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