How has social media impacted the us food industry?

It's a fast and effective way for customers to share their. In the food production industry, social media can be both a help and an obstacle. It's a fast and effective way for customers to share their satisfaction with a product, increasing brand awareness and building customer loyalty. At the same time, if complaints and criticisms are disseminated and not properly managed, your brand's reputation can be seriously damaged.

Food is one of the most popular topics on social media, largely due to its universal visual appeal across cultures, languages and audiences. Food and beverage brands are starting to understand the power of social influence, taking advantage of earned media, in addition to their own media and paid strategies. I think that it is thanks to these factors that food industry stakeholders especially rely on the concept of “social influence” in their marketing campaigns. Social networks represent an opportunity for the food industry to participate in the debate on food safety and to participate, educate and interact directly with the consumer.

It is a solid tool for promotion, communication and education, and offers the food industry a direct line of communication with a wide and engaged audience. Working in the influencer marketing industry, I've seen a lot of brands get very involved with influencer marketing campaigns in the food and beverage industry. Social networks offer the food industry a platform to educate and interact with the public in an informal and accessible forum. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to consumers, food technologies and increased processing tend to lead to greater food safety.

This is problematic because consumers directly affect food safety through food handling, preparation methods and voting practices. Therefore, it is crucial that food companies and industrial organizations have strategies, educational materials, messages and a social media management plan before a crisis to counter disinformation and preserve their brand.

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